Atlas World - Klett Perthes

Atlas World - Klett Perthes
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Perthes World Atlas (Also available as CD-Rom)

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CD-Rom Atlas (digital atlas) @ $139.00

The CD-Rom Atlas features over 300 maps, graphics and images from our printed Atlas available now through your own digital viewing and print-out. Now you can have the Perthes World Atlas available on your computer.

The World Atlas from Klett-Perthes, shows the advanced features of the Perthes world wide known cartography and shaded relief techique only known the Perthes name. This Atlas is at an advanced level to use at the secondary level of schools and the college geography education. This features the high quality of physical and political maps, sophisticated thematic maps. Easy to understand introduction with detailed regional maps. Showing statistics for all countries of the world, including a full glossary of terms and an index with more than 20,000 names. 315 total pages