Globe - Orbit Earth Globe 26 Extreme Raised Relief w/ wheel base

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Globe - Raised Relief Ocean-Land w/ wheel stand
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Globe, Geo-Institut Raised Relief - 26" Orbit Earth Extreme Raised Relief Globe on Wheel Base Stand; item 650rk50
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Scale: 1:20 M, English 26" diameter and stand up to 50" high.  Our Ocean Relief Globe is nearly the only unique exact illustration of our globe. Each other form of depiction, a map for example shows considerable distortions. Our relief globe has got a diameter of 64 cm and corresponds with a map of the world in a size of 2 x 2 meters. The relief is a masterpiece of which we like to show you some of the various examples.

Not only the terrestrial but the submarine areas dispose of a relief, too; the difference in height between the Himalaya mountain and the Mariana Trench is approx. 4 cm.  The formations of chains on the ocean bed and on earth give an imprisoning survey of the tectonic plates of our earth. In Asia you can clearly see the Indian plate moving below the mountain of Himalaya. 

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