World, Geo-Institut Relief Map

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Currently "Out of Stock"
World, Raised Relief by Geo-Institut

The only relief map on the market that is roll-able and non-breakable. Oversize and extremely raised relief maps formed from a three dimensional, bumpy flexible vinyl. The World "Raised Relief Map" is a superior visual reference, made of Poly Vinyl and printed through silk screening. Fully 3-D, this vacuum-formed vinyl map use raise relief to represent altitude graduation and topographic diversity, The durable, scratch proof paint, attractive quality of our maps will encourage the placement of this map in a prominent place in the classrooms or hallway.
(View extra images to get relief concept)

Retail Price of $695.00

Size: 92"x 61"
Ratio: 1:17,5M
Language: English
Mounted w/ wooden rods at top & bottom and top hanging cord