USA/World Perthes Political StackMap (Special)

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USA/World Perthes Political StackMap (Special)
Base price $199.00
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USA/World, Political Intermediate Stack Map (Klett-Perthes)

Special $179.00 (reg. $199.00) Spring Roller System w/metal backboard
$139.00 (reg. $159.00) mounted with wooden rods only
$79.00 (reg. $99.00) laminated sheet only (no mountings)

Size: 51"W x 69"L (Special Economy Size) Heavy Lamination
Language: English

The new Klett-Perthes USA and World Intermediate political stack map puts both maps together (one above each other) mounted on a pull down roller system for easy viewing. Best priced combo USA/World map on the market, and benefit of not having to flip over first map to see second map with the "Stack Map" feature.

This map shows a wealth of politcal information with contrasting colors and features cities, capitols, lakes, rivers and major highways/rail system. The Winkle world map projection is recognized as providing the best balance if size, shape and direction to the map. The most up-to-date political information is used.