Geochron Original Kilburg- Global Time Indicator

Geochron Original Kilburg- Global Time Indicator
Base price $1,995.00

Manufactured by Geochron Enterprises: Priced $1,995.00

Original Kilburg Geochron - Standard is available in choices of 3 vinyl laminate finishes & 3 trim colors.
Most popular finishes: Boston Cherry, Goatskin Black and Supreme Walnut.

Call for other selections or special order Real Wood, Stainless Steel or American Leather.
Trim Selections: Anodized gold, Black or Satin.

The Geochron is the only analog device of its kind to simultaneously show time and display the extent of daylight and darkness throughout the world. Allowing you to view legal time, daylight savings, days of the week, dates, longitude and latitude. This ultimate & unique clock is an excellent executive gift. We offer it in a choice two wood tone, and one solid finish. You'll be in possession of a totally handcrafted, yet functional piece of art that is the ultimate clock.

Using the illuminated pattern on the world map, the Geochron indicates where the sun is shining at any given moment. The left edge of this pattern marks the moment of sunrise, while the right side marks sunset. This sunrise and sunset pattern changes continually as the seasons progress throughout the year, including the winter solstice, summer solstice, and the fall and spring equinoxes.

Surface mounting hardware included.