Map Rail Safety Mounts

Map Rail Safety Mounts
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Safety - Map Mounting System 2750 (1" or 2" sizes)

Prevent mishaps of maps falling off the wall, by installing the Safety-Map Mounting System. Safety map mounts are designed to slide into the metal backboard channel on the spring mounted maps. (Safety mounts are circular button mounts attached to clip for map rails to slide over for secure hanging) The safety mounting system will work with any of our middle size spring roller maps up to 80" wide metal backboards. Map Hooks are also available as show below.

(View example mounting images above, "larger image")

Choose from 4' lengths or 6' lengths of sturdy aluminum map rail, in 1" or 2" size with continuous cork inset, two sliding safety mounts or map rail hooks, endcaps and mounting screws. Specify either "safety mount" or "map hooks" in comments box at check out. Choose from selections below.