New Jersey State 26805 Interm Thematic: size 54" x 64"

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New Jersey State 26805 Interm Thematic: size 54
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New Jersey State Intermediate Thematic Wall Map (Grades 4-8)

Colorful, oversized cartography makes this state map the perfect teaching map for the lower grade levels for state studies. Laminated with heavy-duty washable finish that can be written on by water-based and dry erase markers. Featuring a historical timeline and elvation profile, plus insets of land use, ethnic diversity and population, average precipitation and more. Corresponds with the Thematic Deskpad Maps. Mounted on Spring Roller System w/ metal backboard.
Size: 54" x 64"

Intermediate Thematic Wall Map: $229.00

Thematic Wall Map & Deskpad Set: $375.00

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