Washington Wall Map with History Booklet

Washington Wall Map with History Booklet
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State Historical, Geographical, Wall Map. These are the most unique maps created to fit the Washington State essential teaching requirements. Especially produced to teach Washington State history and geography requirements. The amazing Washington State Map includes written history in pamphlet form that match to the map by number, geographic features and elevations by color, including natural resource areas and mountain ranges. The map includes all current and former towns, Indian reservations, parks, railroads (current & abandon), major trails, and physical land features, to include major rivers, dams, lakes and water ways

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Size: 69"x 50"

Language: English

Washington Wall Map priced with History Booklet
$299.00 Mounted on Wooden Rods
Price $349.00 Mounted on Spring Roller System

Features of the Washington State and County Historical and Geographical Maps Include:

  1. Large 69" x 51" wall map for easy viewing throughout the classroom!
  2. Includes Indian reservations, railroads, rivers, dams, highways, lakes.
  3. Geographic elevations by color, including all mountains & ranges.
  4. Historical and local highlights added to enhance educational needs.
  5. Designed with input of educators to maximize school use.
  6. Vivid glossy color to enhance elevations, mountains and water.
  7. Comprehensive special wipe on/off surface for writing on purpose.
  8. Tailored to history, geographic, and environmental teachings
  9. Other state and county maps are available by request.