Hold-Up Display Rails

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Hold-Up Display Rails
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Hold-Up Display Rails

The Hold-Up display rail is a creative and safe solution to displaying memos, reminders, artwork, paper maps and charts as an easy way for communication and viewing needs. There is no risk of tearing or damaging what is displayed. With Hold-Up display rails, there is no need for tape, tacks or push pins. The clear, see-through front lets the entire paper show through. This product allows you to display thick or thin paper items.

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Attach with sticky tape on reverse side or use screws to mount from grooves on back. This display rail can be attached to the top of a board or mounted separately. Grips both thick and thin items side by side. Perfect for schools, hospitals, restaurants, offices or the home.

Five sizes to choose from: 24", 36", 48", 60", 72" & 96" lengths
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